The desire of the African members of Methodist Church, for a Methodist-owned school led to the establishment of Wesleyan Boys’ High School, Lagos. On March 14th, 1878, the school was formally opened by the colonial Governor, John D’Arcy Dumaresq. Rev. W. Terry Coppin was the first Principal and was assisted by W.B. Euba and J.H. Samuel. The first batch of students were admitted in April 1878 with twelve Students on roll.

Among the twelve was George Stone Smith, the first on the list and senior foundation scholar George Smith later became known as Dr. Orishadipe Obasa of Ikija. Dr. Obasa and Dr. John Randle later formed the first political association in Nigeria known as People’s Union in 1909. By the end of the year, the number on the roll had increased to twenty-three boys and seven agents. The School did take seriously from the start not only the task of imparting knowledge but of really fashioning men “unto the likeness of Christ”. This the school has maintained till date. To further demonstrate absolute selflessness, the original Motto of the School, which was “Numquam non paratus” (never be unprepared) was changed during Euba’s principalship to “Non Sibi, Sed Aliis” (not for us, but for others)

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