Become A Programmer Today


  • Job opportunities as a software developer, IT expert in various companies globally
  • Become a freelancer and work independently
  • Create a software startup (company) and run your own business
  • Some companies that use PHP technologies regularly include: Google, Facebook, Yahoo, YouTube, Wikipedia, Flickr, LinkedIn, WordPress, Digg, Intel, Pinterest, and Twitter

  • This course is designed for beginners with no prior knowledge of programming. It will also be useful for those with some programming experience, but new to backend programming.

  • N70,000.
  • Payable on two (2) installments‎.

Course Curriculum

Module 1

How the web works
Technologies and Terminologies
Introduction to HTML & CSS
Styling a page with CSS

Module 2

Introduction to UI framework (Bootstrap 4)
First Project
Introduction to Version Control with Git
Allowing Team collaboration with Git

Module 3

Introduction to PHP
Setting up a PHP development environment
PHP basics and fundamentals
Variables and Data types
PHP Language constructs
Conditional statements and Loops
Simple PHP project

Module 4

Request and response cycle
Processing forms with PHP

Module 5

Advanced PHP
Introduction to database (MySQL)
Database Schema Design
Writing and running SQL queries
Building an application with PHP and MYSQL

Module 6

Introduction to Object Oriented Programming
Introduction to software architecture and design patterns
Introduction to Laravel (A php framework for rapid application development)
Consuming web services (APIs) with PHP

Module 7

Capstone Projects
Building a contact management system with PHP & MySQL

Module 8

Business Class
How to make money as a software developer
Certification as backend web developer

Kick Start Your Software Development Journey!

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